Website updates!

I'm switching around my writer site to a new theme, so it's a bit of a mess temporarily, so bear with me. But also have a new blog/online magazine idea in mind that once I'm done with the theme swap I'll be starting to work on. So stay tuned for updates on that! … [Read more...]

A “Summer Home” snippet…

A little something I wrote this evening for a book I'm writing about a summer house...this is a stream of consciousness first draft, so be kind. :) ----------------- The mineral smell of steam wafts up from the wood fire and blends with the cedar wood of the sauna walls. The large, carved wooden spoon is doused into the bucket once more, its contents dashed across the hot coals, a hot misty cloud rising to the ceiling and wafting over the benches to its sweat doused inhabitants. Tied bushels … [Read more...]

A Project Is A Project Is A Project

As I sit in my newly finished writing shed/office and listen to the rain come down around me, I am still in a little disbelief that this almost year long project is actually finished and it's turned out so beautifully. It's not perfect. The floors are irregular, there are errors in construction, the windows could be a little cleaner. But it's lovely and it's done and I did it. Before After As the project neared the end, though, I realized how much this whole labor of love —  which … [Read more...]