Work Samples


WIFS – And now a wordEssay written for Women In Film Seattle’s “..And Now A Word” section discussing challenges of being a woman in the film industry. (Published in 2015, no longer live on their site)


Copywriting/Site Content

Social media copywriting and image curation for non-profit Main Line School Night in Pennsylvania.

Site copy for products AppInsights, AppWise and AppIdentity

Monthly “Fresh Ideas” content mixing copywriting and product placement.

Fresh Ideas October

Fresh Ideas November

Fresh Ideas December


Announcement for Total Entertainment Network (TEN)’s 15,000 beta customer.
Press release written while at Kaufer Miller Communications. Release resulted in multiple placements, including multi-page spreads in Newsweek and Time.

TEN 15,000th Beta Tester


One page informatic done as a work sample to promote the local Salem, OR area

Quick postcard done in InDesign for my father’s Celebration of Life service


An extemporaneous view of my experiences and thoughts living as an expatriate in the Somerset countryside….

Little Cottage On The Estate

A short blog about collecting and furniture restoration. 

Restore Restyle


The Aftermath
A reimagined fairy tale…what happens to the princess the day after the wedding.

Published on


Dark Adam
(short film)

Sometimes the most nondescript people during the day come alive at night.

Dark Adam

For Fun

Video Editing:
Did a fan recut of Vintage Trouble’s video for Not All Right By Me using the footage from their original video and black and white footage from Jools Holland.

My version: 

Original video here :